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QualityControl is a program to manage data in the processes of quality control.

It was originally created for data generated in quality control for projects of civil engineering, but can be applied to projects in different areas.

In the file to download (Calidad.zip) includes the program, a help file (in spanish), an example project (Sample.db) and a Bank of example (Banco_ca_2010.db).

This "Banco_ca_2010.db" has generated with the criteria used by GISA (Gestion de Ingraestructuras S.A.U., a public company that depends on the Generalitat of Catalonia created to manage projects, construction, maintenance, exploitation, and promotion of infrastructure) and is an example of "Bank of criteria" which includes elements, tests, frequencies and criteria that can be stored for use with the program. It is in Catalan.

Sample.db is an example project with locations, elements tested and various tests introduced to show what the program can do.

The program supports different language (Spanish, catalan and english completely and german, french and italian are partially translated).

For test, download the file, unzip in a folder and double-click on "Calidad.exe" in the windows explorer. The program is free of charge. You can use or distribute freely.

For feedback and suggestions, write in this trakings systems. Comments are welcome.

On this matter, contact me in avicomartin at gmail dot com

Learn from youtube videos

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Quality Control Images

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General view of program. Create new Test Group Create new Test Choose element for manage Frecuencies assigned to tests for a element. Manage specifications Manage References Query tests and show locations


It assumes that you have a structure with locations and elements allocated. For the element to test, you need take a piece (Tests Group in the terminology of the program. It is a small portion of the element to test). This shows has some properties you enter.

Create the test (New Test) associated with the element and for this test, associating the piece chosen previously. After you can enter the test results.

With this, has completed the introduction of a new test.

You can assign specifications to the tests associated with an element (Management of elements or Management of Conditions) or allocate frequencies to estimate the number of tests required for each element.

Pending Issues

Finish translations to german, french and italian languages

In xls report, solve issues related to unicode. For xls report i use xlslib and conversion from wxString (forms are designed with wxwidgets library) to string has not completely solved. Characters like ó, é, etc. dont show corretly in xls file

Manage exceptions in sql querys. Exception querys are not treated in the program code ( I am not programer :-) ) and need work. Actualy is not a problem but in situations cause crash (without loss data).

Add code for statistical treatement of results. This are initially considered in data (statistic in Tests Groups and properties) and need work